Foods For Healthy Hair and Nails

Eating healthy foods will provide a lot of health benefits for sure. The benefits include lower risk of diseases, more energy levels, a better immune system and sleeping habits. Anyway, this is not all. There are certain foods that can even improve your looks. Get more info about how to turn hair and nails more beautiful and shiny.

Vitamin H


Vitamin H is a necessary nutrient to improve splitting and thinning hair. In addition, it can also strengthen your weakened nails. Foods that contain vitamin H are cauliflower, beans, peanuts, lentils, eggs, bananas and salmon

Vitamin A


A conditioning substance called sebum will be created when you eat foods that contain vitamin A. This substance is then created for the scalp to make your hair look more beautiful and healthier according to DiBona. Regardless of these benefits for your beauty, vitamin A can also provide a lot of benefits for your health that include your eyes and function of your immune system. To simply put, it makes you stronger from head to toe. The foods with vitamin A we recommend are egg yolks, Cheddar cheese, oatmeal, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, mango, carrot, cantaloupe and apricots. You don’t have time to go to your local grocery store, do you? The solution is to visit ShopFoodEx, an online grocery store.



In order to have shinier and beautiful hair, include more foods with omega-3 like salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, fish oil, spinach, walnuts, flaxseed and eggs.  To find the best fresh fishes for omega-3, we highly recommend CatalinaOP. According to DiBona, foods that have omega-3 can help you support your scalp health and make your hair look shinier.

The most important essential fatty acids for hair are alpha-linolenic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, which are the main components of the stratum corneum. If there is an insufficient intake of essential fatty acids, will cause dandruff and dry scalp problems.


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Protein is very important for you in a lot of ways, like hair and nails. Because they are both structural proteins (also called keratin), so having enough dietary protein intake is necessary for making our beautiful hair and nails stronger.

We’d like to suggest that you add lean meat in your diet because of its highly packed protein; it is one of the best ways that you can pack protein in your diet. But just be sure to clear any part that are considered overly fatty. Protein packed foods include Lean meat, egg, lowfat dairy, nut, soybean, whole grain and seafood.



The last nutrient we suggest is zinc, an active nutrient that helps support your immune system to function properly. DiBona says that the Zinc is an important component that has numerous enzymes in your body, which regulate your body to create new proteins for hair and nails to remain healthy or healthier.

Alopecia, brittleness and hair dryness may be signs that you do not have enough zinc. We would recommend that you eat green bean, cashew, soybean, lobster, oyster and lean beef to fill up the deficiency of zinc.

Healthy Snacks: Satisfying Hunger Before Supper


So you are just one hour away from dinner but suddenly you are feeling hungry and you can’t stand without eating. Either you can try to suppress the hunger and might end up overeating or you can have a snack that will satisfy you for now. Don’t go for unhealthy snacks just to fill up, go for these healthy snacks that will end your hunger and contains less than 200 calories.

Artichoke Salsa


This salsa is different from the one you make at home. It includes artichokes and kalamata olives which gives it a savory taste along with usual ingredients like onions, tomatoes and parsley. Onions and tomatoes provide vitamin C and per serving of this dish only contain 175 calories.

Roasted Almonds


This snack will take time to prepare in advance, but you can prepare it for the whole week once. Roasted almonds combined with lemon juice and salt gives a citrus and salty flavor. This snack will keep you filled until dinner; it is best served when taken just out of oven.

Lemony Fruit Dip


Apples are a great snack but lemony dip has such a tangy flavor that you will forget about the apple. It goes best with the pineapple or strawberry. You can relax and enjoy it as it is a good appetizer with low-cal.

Sesame-Herb Pita Crisps


This savory snack is great before dinner. With sesame seeds, pistachios toppings, whole-wheat pitas and herbs make it a healthy snack to eat.

Zesty Olives


Zesty olives are served before the meal and works great for controlling starting hunger. Olives are good for the heart, contains iron and vitamin E. Along with orange zest, crushed red pepper and garlic, this snack carries a savory taste.

Pizza: A Good Post-Workout Snack


Many people think that pizza is only a junk food and it is not healthy to eat when you are going through a workout routine. But in reality Pizza is a great post-workout meal, if baked healthy with wheat crust and right toppings. Eating proteins and carbohydrates after completing your workout can provide you with the energy which helps your muscles to recover faster. Pizza is a good post-workout snack if you are following a long, intense workout. Eat it within 2 hours after your workout.

It has Nutrients that helps in Recovery

If you are following a workout routine then you must be balancing it with a diet plan. According to the Iowa State University, an athlete who is following a workout routine and trains should consume carbohydrates (200 grams) and protein (7-20 grams) after the workout. Cheese pizza has carbohydrates (36 grams) and protein (12 grams). Eating three slices of it can help you to reach your goal. Also, you can have 2 slices of cheese pizza and a glass of orange juice with carbohydrates (50 grams) and protein (3 grams). If you are reaching for a proper form or on a strict diet to lose weight then knowing the numbers can help you with achieving your goal. A slice of pizza is a great post-workout snack which should be eaten occasionally.

It gives Essential Nutrients

Pizza provides you with essential nutrients. One slice of pizza contains calcium (201 milligrams) that is 20 percent of what you need daily. Also, it has iron (2.7 milligrams) which covers up the 15 percent of your daily need. Iron is for preventing anemia, calcium keeps your bones strong. Pizza also gives you vitamin A and vitamin B-3. Some other foods like non-fat milk and tuna contains these benefits, but pizza gives you all of them in one place.

Order Your Pizza Healthy

Pizza is rich with fat. Every slice of it provides fat (10 grams) which is the 15 percent of a daily diet of 2,000 calories. Eat pizza with less chess or one which is baked with low-fat chess to get less fat. Toppings also vary with amount of fat they provide like pepperoni contains more fat. Use more vegetables on your pizza to consume more nutrients which you can get from like anchovies. Replace the sweat lost during the workout by drinking fluids.

Prepare it yourself

You can make your own pizza to prepare it with healthy ingredients. Don’t use refined white crust instead make it with pita or wheat English muffin to get more dietary fiber. You can also get vitamin B and iron by using whole grains. More dietary fiber can be added with tomatoes, bell peppers (red and green), onions and sliced mushrooms which also contains other nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. Add more protein with grilled chicken

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Recipe

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Recipe

Various types of new foods are being introduced daily and everyone is trying to get healthy foods for the sake of betterment of their health. If you are not among those who do not care about their health and want to increase outputs of your body, there is the need to bring some change in your approach to eat foods. You will surely be provided with the whole wheat pizza crust recipe because this recipe provides you complete energy so that you may become active and healthy and may live as you wish. Here is the whole wheat pizza crust recipe directions to follow and ingredients to know.

This recipe comes with healthy crust on sides and chewy taste inside and provides favorite pizza to eat. The ingredients include 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 and ½ cups of hot water, 2 cups wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of dry yeast, 1 and ½ cups of all-purposing flour and 1 tablespoon of olive oil are required to complete this recipe. Without any delay, here are directions to follow.

Take a large bowl and pour sugar into hot water and let it melt for 10 minutes by sprinkling yeast on it and keep it until it becomes foamy. Now, there is the need to sprinkle olive oil and salt in the mixture. You can put whole wheat flour and then all purposing flour so that it may become dough. Keep on doing this and stirring till all the flour absorbs in the product. Wait for 10 minutes. Take that dough out and place it in some oiled bowl and then start to turn the coating of the surface. Now, you need to cover it with some loosely towel and then can let it stand in some warm place. Leave it for one hour and it will surely become perfect.

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust dough

When dough is doubled, you need to put it on some floor to cut it into two pieces to make 2 thin crusts. Also, you can leave the whole product on the surface to make one thick crust. Now, you need to heat over 425 degrees to place a rolling ball of dough into it. After doing this, drape it on your fists and softly pull both the edges outward. After doing this, the size will increase and then you can place it on some oiled pizza pan.

Bake this for 16 to 20 minutes so the crust may become crispy and the edges become golden. You also need to melt cheese from the top. After all this, the whole wheat pizza crust recipe will be completed and you will surely enjoy it eating. It is tasty to eat. Try it now. Thanks a lot for sending us the great tip Madison!

Healthy Grilled Burgers

Grilled Burgers

With the passage of time, the demands of the people are increasing and their approaches towards their eating habits are also changing. The people are looking for having healthy grilled burgers and other fast foods to fulfill their quench of eating. Almost all the people are trying to figure out something perfect and unique to have healthy lifestyle. To be healthy and active, there is the need to use healthy grilled burgers as they are made after complete procedures and here we can also know about its specifications and way of making burgers.

American burgers are also known as highly grilled burgers. American national food can be great and they are trying to bring innovations in it. The delicious and satisfying burger can be handy for health. You can also use brisket cheese-burger as they are highly grilled burgers and anyone can enjoy them for the betterment of health. There is the usage of fish and eggs in these burgers and anyone can enjoy them. In this way, healthy grilled burgers are great to use as they contain a lot of calories and healthy ingredients to make the body healthy and fit. Every palate comes with complete care. Such burgers are great to use.

You Are Just what You Consume



People tried to defend themselves about the phrase you are what you eat. Maybe you can’t just accept the fact that it is somehow true. In a case to case basis scenario your health will show how healthy your lifestyle is. There is no other accurate examples can be told unless you look through it. I listed below some evidences showing that you are what you consume:

  • Fruits and vegetables: People eating fruits and vegetables are much healthier compared to those who don’t. Fruits and vegetables have a natural vitamins and minerals that enable you to have a healthy life. If your consumption has the major part of fruits and vegetables, then you are living a light and well fit body.
  • Balanced diet: It includes fruits and vegetables and other products like lean meat, chicken and dairy products. Though it is an elementary topic, but the food pyramids really work. You can see there how much of every food group you should consume to have a well-balanced diet. If other foods have their own target and focus, then a balanced nutrition focuses on the wholeness of your body and its circulation and function. If you maintain a balanced diet then everything inside you will be healthy.
  • Junk foods: These foods are not bad, but the way you eat it can be dangerous. Junk foods are created with distinct taste that surely fit your taste buds. Though you are aware that this food doesn’t contain any vitamins and minerals still you crave for it because of its taste. You can have some, but not to the point that you replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner with this food. People who tried to over-eat junk foods usually are overweight, obese and unhealthy. It is because fats are accumulating too much on their body.
  • Alcohol beverages: One of the most commonly abused drinks of this generation, though everything is about the taste but still the duration of drinking greatly affects your health. Consuming alcohol at first is therapeutic, but somehow due to human instinct, alcohol becomes a replacement for water. Nothing can replace the function of water, though you will not be thirsty, but again this drink has side effects towards your organ. People who tend to drink too much usually get diseases. Most of the time they develop liver and kidney damage, it is because everything you drink doesn’t directly go downs to your stomach. They will be filtrated by your liver and excreted by your kidney. If you drink toxic substance then that toxic will remain to your liver and kidney. That is why majority of people today who is suffering from a liver and kidney disease are known to be alcoholic.
  • Smoking: If alcohol beverages target your liver and kidney, smoking is targeting your lungs. Many smokers would disagree about this because no matter how many facts and evidences you show them it wouldn’t matter. Smokers are known to be a denial person, they know it’s bad but they won’t accept. The result of smoking doesn’t present early compared to alcoholic beverages. You just over drink for almost a week or a month then you suffer immediately, but with smoking it would take years before it develops diseases. Even with the duration gap, most of the smoker’s diseases are terminal and can’t be treated but again smokers won’t agree this. People who smoke won’t get sick early but the people around them will eventually will. Most of the diseases they acquire are terminal and incurable.

The phrase you just what you consume doesn’t only entails about the foods you eat, but it specifically points how you dealt with your health. Health includes your food and drinks, everything that enters and goes outside your body. There is nothing wrong if want some fun, but as well as you must make sure that everything should be in place. It is a responsibility towards your body, so at least take care of it by being healthy. Consuming foods will be forever and as long as you live, this will be your task for your body. Eat healthy, think healthy and be healthy. Don’t make a plan that you don’t want to do, instead take time in opening your mind about the condition of your body.

Settle on Lean Protein Food Decisions

Healthy Protein Food Sources

protein foods

The foods we eat count a lot in making us fit and healthy. We all need to bring change in our diet plans and we can have healthy protein food sources for the sake of better results. If you want to be fit and healthy, there is the need to use perfect foods with healthy protein sources that you may bring change in your life and may have what you’ve been seeking for. We can all make our bodies free of issues and can have the best results with ease. Here are some of the healthy protein food sources to consider for the sake of better results. You can use these sources to have perfect fitness and body workout.

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Seafood: Seafood is one of the best protein food sources and you can use it as it comes in low fats. You can use it as salmon and can have the results what you expect. You will attain omega 3 fatty acids through this food.

White-meat: This meat is excellent with lean protein and we can use it for higher fats. While going to cook white meat, you need to remove the skin of the meat because it is saturated with fats and you should remove it.

Yogurt, Milk and Cream: The dairy foods like yogurt, milk and cream are really the best sources of protein and you need to use them as they contain valuable amount of calcium and vitamin D in them and can make our body fit and healthy. You can also select low fat dairy products to make your bones fit and live active and healthy. You can avoid osteoporosis by using these protein foods.

Eggs: Eggs are one of the best protein sources and anyone can have expensive protein through them. We need to enjoy an egg daily for the sake of better results.

Beans: Beans contain higher amount of protein in them and we can have better taste from them. We all need to focus on our tastes, so we can enjoy beans for perfect relish.

Soy: Soy is also the better source of protein for our diets and we need to eat them for having better taste. We can use them for having quality results.

All these foods are healthy protein foods sources and you need to use them for the sake of better results. We need to use these protein sources because these foods are really handsome enough and we can have better relish from them.