Pizza: A Good Post-Workout Snack


Many people think that pizza is only junk food and it is not healthy to eat when you are going through a workout routine. But in reality, Pizza is a great post-workout meal, if baked healthy with wheat crust and right toppings. Eating proteins and carbohydrates after completing your workout can provide you with the energy which helps your muscles to recover faster. Pizza is a good post-workout snack if you are following a long, intense workout. Eat it within 2 hours after your workout.

It has Nutrients that help in Recovery

If you are following a workout routine, then you must be balancing it with a diet plan. According to the Iowa State University, an athlete who is following a workout routine and trains should consume carbohydrates (200 grams) and protein (7-20 grams) after the workout. Cheese pizza has carbohydrates (36 grams) and protein (12 grams). Eating three slices of it can help you to reach your goal. Also, you can have 2 slices of cheese pizza and a glass of orange juice with carbohydrates (50 grams) and protein (3 grams). If you are reaching for a proper form or on a strict diet to lose weight then knowing the numbers can help you with achieving your goal. A slice of pizza is a great post-workout snack which should be eaten occasionally.

It gives Essential Nutrients

Pizza provides you with essential nutrients. One slice of pizza contains calcium (201 milligrams) that is 20 percent of what you need daily. Also, it has iron (2.7 milligrams) which covers up the 15 percent of your daily need. Iron is for preventing anemia, calcium keeps your bones strong. Pizza also gives you vitamin A and vitamin B-3. Some other foods like non-fat milk and tuna contain these benefits, but pizza gives you all of them in one place.

Order Your Pizza Healthy

Pizza is rich in fat. Every slice of it provides fat (10 grams) which is the 15 percent of a daily diet of 2,000 calories. Eat pizza with less chess or one which is baked with low-fat chess to get less fat. Toppings also vary with the amount of fat they provide like pepperoni contains more fat. Use more vegetables on your pizza to consume more nutrients which you can get from like anchovies. Replace the sweat lost during the workout by drinking fluids.

Prepare it yourself

You can make your own pizza to prepare it with healthy ingredients. Don’t use refined white crust instead make it with pita or wheat English muffin to get more dietary fiber. You can also get vitamin B and iron by using whole grains. More dietary fiber can be added with tomatoes, bell peppers (red and green), onions and sliced mushrooms which also contains other nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. Add grilled chicken to more protein.

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