Healthy Snacks: Satisfying Hunger Before Supper


So you are just one hour away from dinner but suddenly you are feeling hungry and you can’t stand without eating. Either you can try to suppress the hunger and might end up overeating or you can have a snack that will satisfy you for now. Don’t go for unhealthy snacks just to fill up, go for these healthy snacks that will end your hunger and contains less than 200 calories.

Artichoke Salsa


This salsa is different from the one you make at home. It includes artichokes and kalamata olives which gives it a savory taste along with usual ingredients like onions, tomatoes and parsley. Onions and tomatoes provide vitamin C and per serving of this dish only contain 175 calories.

Roasted Almonds


This snack will take time to prepare in advance, but you can prepare it for the whole week once. Roasted almonds combined with lemon juice and salt gives a citrus and salty flavor. This snack will keep you filled until dinner; it is best served when taken just out of oven.

Lemony Fruit Dip


Apples are a great snack but lemony dip has such a tangy flavor that you will forget about the apple. It goes best with the pineapple or strawberry. You can relax and enjoy it as it is a good appetizer with low-cal.

Sesame-Herb Pita Crisps


This savory snack is great before dinner. With sesame seeds, pistachios toppings, whole-wheat pitas and herbs make it a healthy snack to eat.

Zesty Olives


Zesty olives are served before the meal and work great for controlling starting hunger. Olives are good for the heart, contains iron and vitamin E. Along with orange zest, crushed red pepper and garlic, this snack carries a savory taste.

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