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Want To Increase Muscle Mass? Eat These 10 Foods

The importance of a healthy diet is one of the factors that many people tend to overlook when looking to get muscle mass and strength.

Most people go to the gym and expose themselves to the very intense training sessions but then forget the importance of eating healthy, thus all that training effort will feel like time wasted. And this happens especially because they don’t consume the necessary nutrients needed to improve and increase muscle.

That’s why it is important to maintain good nutrition if you are going to start training or are already doing it. You should always take into account this as a more important activity than training, as this is what actually makes your body feel and look better.

However, there are different diets that can be taken depending on the desired outcome and body-type of the person who wants to gain muscle. That’s why we are going to show you the most useful and important foods for a healthier and muscle build-up diet.

Lean Meat

Meat is something that shouldn’t ever miss in your diet if you really want to gain muscle mass. From iron to Vitamin B, zinc and a lot of wonderful proteins, meat is one of the best foods to get bigger and stronger. The amino acids are also a very important part of the meat, especially the one that comes from beef, giving much more proteins and fewer calories in an ounce than beans do.


Chicken is also a great source of protein and amino acids, making it an important addition to our diets if we want to increase our muscle mass, as well as to maintain and repair our bones. The best thing about it is that you can prepare the chicken the way you prefer without any problems and always getting the same benefits for your body.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese, as not many people are aware of, is a wonderful source of a slow-digesting protein called Casein protein. This kind of protein is an incredible nutrient that works perfectly for muscle maintenance and developing, especially working as a slow-digesting nutrient that is helpful for those people who need to go for long periods without eating. This food is also rich in vitamin B12, calcium, amino acids and many different important nutrients.


This is a must when it comes to building muscles. Eggs are one of the most important foods you have to take into account when training as they are a rich source of the nine amino acids, good fat, vitamin D, choline, and energy. Also, they are really cheap and won’t harm your health in any way if you overtake them.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is the most used gym supplements. This food contains high intake of protein that can be used whenever you want. This food, taken correctly as supplements is an effective way of increasing your muscle mass but only as a boost, as this food works better as a side intake.


Just as meat and chicken, fish is also very rich in protein. However, fish is also one of the best ways to ingest omega-3, a kind of fat that works perfect for muscle gain and even helps in improving memory, blood pressure, metabolism and losing weight.


A great number of benefits that come from eating oatmeal are wonderful. Not only it helps in increasing your fiber intake, but also help in decreasing hunger, losing fat and much more satiety when eating. This happens because oatmeal has low glycemic value and it is almost not processed at all.


Rice, beans, wheat, soybeans and many others are a great way of maintaining your body at an optimal state. However, when it comes to muscles, grains will also improve your hormone levels and eventually boost your metabolism.

Vegetables and Fruits

All kinds of fruit and vegetables help us maintain a stable metabolism and healthy body. They are awesome for our bodies because they possess the essential nutrients and antioxidants we need to maintain our health properly by increasing the effectiveness of our immune system. They are a vast source of vitamin C, E, B12 and many others; plus, they provide the necessary fiber to maintain our digestive system working properly.

Healthy Fats

Most people will tell you that are fats are bad for your health, but this is a total lie. There are some types of fat that are good for our organism, and not only good but actually essential as they help in producing growth and testosterone hormones that are really important when it comes to muscle growth and strength. These fats are also found in fish, nuts, some veggies, and fruits like avocados. They are really important for our organism as they help to maintain many of our organs to function properly. We would love to say thanks to Muscle and Fitness and Best Resistance Bands Reviews for their help in creating this guide. If you’d like to show your appreciation, please follow them on their Facebook and Twitter: