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You Are Just what You Consume

People tried to defend themselves about the phrase you are what you eat. Maybe you can’t just accept the fact that it is somehow true. In a case to case basis scenario, your health will show how healthy your lifestyle is. There are no other accurate examples can be told unless you look through it. I listed below some evidence showing that you are what you consume:

  • Fruits and vegetables: People eating fruits and vegetables are much healthier compared to those who don’t. Fruits and vegetables have natural vitamins and minerals that enable you to have a healthy life. If your consumption has the major part of fruits and vegetables, then you are living a light and well fit body.
  • Balanced diet: It includes fruits and vegetables and other products like lean meat, chicken, and dairy products. Though it is an easy topic, the food pyramids really work. You can see there how much of every food group you should consume to have a well-balanced diet. If other foods have their own target and focus, then balanced nutrition focuses on the wholeness of your body and its circulation and function. If you maintain a balanced diet, then everything inside you will be healthy.
  • Junk foods: These foods are not bad, but the way you eat it can be dangerous. Junk foods are created with a distinct taste that surely fit your taste buds. Though you are aware that this food doesn’t contain any vitamins and minerals still you crave for it because of its taste. You can have some, but not to the point that you replace your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this food. People who tried to over-eat junk foods usually are overweight, obese and unhealthy. It is because fats are accumulating too much on their body.
  • Alcohol beverages: One of the most commonly abused drinks of this generation, though everything is about the taste still the duration of drinking greatly affects your health. Consuming alcohol at first is therapeutic, but somehow due to human instinct, alcohol becomes a replacement for water. Nothing can replace the function of water, though you will not be thirsty, again this drink has side effects towards your organ. People who tend to drink too much usually get diseases. Most of the time they develop liver and kidney damage, it is because everything you drink doesn’t directly go down to your stomach. They will be filtrated by your liver and excreted by your kidney. If you drink toxic substance, then that toxic will remain to your liver and kidney. That is why the majority of people today who is suffering from a liver and kidney disease are known to be alcoholic.
  • Smoking: If alcohol beverages target your liver and kidney, smoking is targeting your lungs. Many smokers would disagree about this because no matter how many facts and evidence you show them it wouldn’t matter. Smokers are known to be a denial person, they know it’s bad, but they won’t accept. The result of smoking doesn’t present early compared to alcoholic beverages. You just overdrink for almost a week or a month then you suffer immediately, but with smoking, it would take years before it develops diseases. Even with the duration gap, most of the smoker’s diseases are terminal and can’t be treated, but again smokers won’t agree on this. People who smoke won’t get sick early but the people around them will eventually will. Most of the diseases they acquire are terminal and incurable.

The phrase you just what you consume doesn’t only entails the foods you eat, but it specifically points how you dealt with your health. Health includes your food and drinks, everything that enters and goes outside your body. There is nothing wrong if want some fun, but as well as you must make sure that everything should be in place. It is a responsibility towards your body, so at least take care of it by being healthy. Consuming foods will be forever, and as long as you live, this will be your task for your body. Eat healthy, think healthy and be healthy. Don’t make a plan that you don’t want to do, instead take time in opening your mind about the condition of your body.